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We Wait For...

11 The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people.… 13 At the same time we wait for

the blessed hope and the glorious appearance of our great God and savior Jesus Christ.

(Titus 2:11, 13)

We Wait For…

Good Day Family,

Advent is a season of remembrance and anticipation. We remember what has come and we look forward to the promise of the future. We also remember past promises, prophesies, and their fulfillment. In this season, we affirm that Christ has come and will come again. This affirmation holds the future and the past together, not in tension, but in continuation.

Those who waiting on the appearance of the promised messiah held that hope for generations…for centuries until Jesus was born. It has been centuries since the first appearing of Christ in the flesh. But what if the second coming isn’t about a rebirth of the Holy One, but the embodiment of the holy in the world? Perhaps this isn’t an either/or proposition. Just maybe, Jesus comes in the world every moment when we, the church, the body of Christ, move in the world in the Name of the One who redeems and delivers. What if we are to be the current instrument of salvation for a world that is adrift and off course? What if our waiting is to be active and participatory? What if our waiting for something external to happen were replaced with a active waiting that does our part while anticipating that the Lord will do their part?

Let’s wait with hope and compassion, kindness and grace. Let’s anticipate the coming of the Lord by preparing for their arrival. Let’s be children and celebrants of Advent…and get ready for the glorious appearance of our great and mighty God.

In Advent Anticipation,

Be well,

Pastor Cheryl

Let us encourage one another. Let us love our neighbor. Let us be the church.

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