Trust In God

Pastor Cheryl invites you to meditate on these words:

Don’t worry about those who commit atrocities and great evil,

Don’t you dare be jealous of their ill-gotten gains.

Their reign will soon be over,

Their days are numbered.

Trust in God and Do the next right thing,

Dwell in your place and enjoy nature

Trust in God

Good things are coming

Be moral and upright,

Trust in God.

You’ll see good things come,

Your name will be known for good.

Trust in God

Wait for God

Don’t worry when evil doers go about their wicked schemes

Don’t get angry, don’t get enraged,

God will destroy evil doers,

Remember the meek will inherit the earth.

Living Psalm for Pentecost 17C – Psalm 37 was written by Bec Cranford.

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