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Praise for God’s Help

Praise God, O my soul my soul gives thanks and praise for God our divine protector and help the One who is with us God who led and guided us from generation to generation.

We will praise God as long as we live

we give God praise for the land we give God thanks for the rivers, the lakes and the trees we praise God who is present and with all creation we praise God who helped us from generation to generation.

In God our ancestors trusted when they welcomed new visitors to the land God kept us through the killings of our people through the disregard for our lives through the indignities and suffering from generation to generation.

In God we trusted when our children were taken from our homes when our elders were mocked for their wisdom when we were labeled as heathens when we were told we did not know the Living God from generation to generation.

We will sing praises to God though mortals betrayed and deceived us though mortals stole land none of us ever owned killing the buffalo, polluting the rivers overwhelming the land with greed from generation to generation.

We praise God in whose image we are made we give thanks for our traditions for the presence of the Great Spirit we give praise for the healers and the healing for the promise to lift our oppression from generation to generation.

We praise God for bringing justice and mercy from generation to generation.

Living Psalm for Pentecost 16 C – American Indian Ministries and United Samoan Ministries Sunday – Psalm 146 was written by Karen Georgia Thompson.

Blessings and peace,

Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Lindsay

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