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Pastors Note

Those who put their strength in you are truly happy; pilgrimage is in their hearts.

(Psalm 84:5)

Pilgrimage in the Heart

Good Day Family,

Psalm 84 was a song used in worship. Much of the psalms were used as congregational songs. They encouraged and remembered, prayed and praised, rejoiced and mourned through this “hymnal” of the people. Most of the psalms that note an author are attributed to David, the warrior king, who nevertheless had a song in his heart. No doubt, some of these were battle songs. But, that’s not the case for Psalm 84. It was a call to worship. It reminded the people of their history, but most of all, it reminded them of their God.

Life is a journey for all of us. As Christian, we know the guide who leads the way. We walk in the path of Jesus with the Holy Spirit as our constant guide and companion. The Spirit comfort and consoles, speaks and listens, encourages and convicts. The way of Christ is not easy. Being a follower of Jesus doesn’t make life easier, in some ways, it may become more challenging. Thanks be to God that we’re never alone on the journey. God is with us, and we can place our trust, hope, and strength in that.

On the journey,

Be well,

Pastor Cheryl

We are the church and as we gather, in whatever form that may be, to worship, fellowship and serve, the church is alive and well.

Let us encourage one another. Remain safe and check in on one another. We will get through this, and when we do…and look back on the other side…we will be stronger, more grateful, and more connected than ever.

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