Nearby and Far Off

23 The Lord declares, am I a God

who is only nearby and not far off?

24 Can people hide themselves

in secret places

so I might not see them?

Don’t I fill heaven and earth?

(Jeremiah 23:23–24)

Nearby and Far Off

Good Day Family,

What does it mean to be both near and far? God dwells with us and yet God is beyond the universe. As

we continue to be treated to incredible images from the Webb Telescope, we can observe stars and

galaxies from the formation of the universe we inhabit. It wasn’t too long ago that people believed the

earth was the center of all creation and flat. Further, they thought that if you went to the edge of the

earth, you risked falling off. We’ve learned so much since then. It seems that we’re learning

exponentially fast now. Technology has given us access to information our ancestors may never have

considered or questioned. It’s an amazing time to be alive.

It’s not that these things didn’t exist, but we now have access. Some might call it God’s revelation. I

certainly do. It’s a reminder that God’s perspective is broad, high, and wide. At the same time, God

sees the minute details as well as the vastness of the sky. We cannot hide or escape from God, but that

shouldn’t threaten us. It should liberate us to know that God already knows our condition, our heart,

and our world.

Searching near and far,

Be well,

Pastor Cheryl

Let us encourage one another. Let us love our neighbor. Let us be the church.

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