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Living Psalm 67

Pastor Cheryl invites you to reflect on this creative expression of Psalm 67:

Living Psalm 67

God be gracious to us

for we turned away from the shining of your face

to warm the oceans, melt the icecaps,

make extinct your creatures,

poison the earth, change the climate.

We have not followed your way,

and the floods have come

and the winds and the fires.

In all the earth the people are not saved.

But you promise to guide us,

and from our hearts comes a small song –

may the earth yield what is good,

the air float with the pollen of hope,

the seas become clean,

fish return to their homes, coral heal.

Continue to bless us by making us blessers.

Living Psalm for Easter 6C: Psalm 67 was written by Maren Tirabassi.

We are the church and as we gather, in whatever form that may be, to worship, fellowship and serve, the church is alive and well.

Let us encourage one another. Remain safe and check in on one another. We will get through this, and when we do…and look back on the other side…we will be stronger, more grateful, and more connected than ever.

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