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Faithful Love

8 Let them thank the LORD

for his faithful love

and his wondrous works for all people

9 because God satisfied the one

who was parched with thirst,

and he filled up the hungry

with good things!

(Psalm 107:8–9)

Faithful Love

Good Day Family,

For the last few weeks, we have explored God’s love. Particularly, in the prophecy of Hosea, the relationship between humanity and divinity is likened to a marriage. God’s love is like that of a faithful and devoted partner; our love often fails the test of fidelity. We place other people and things above God. We take God for granted. We place conditions on our feelings, attitudes, and behaviors toward God.

But God is faithful. This Sunday, we dedicate the new bricks in our Memorial Garden. It is ours, and it is our gift to the community. Like the best gifts, it can surprise and delight. It can provide a respite for a walker on a sweltering day as they sit on a bench in the shade. It can provide a fresh drink of water for

a beloved pet taken on a walk for exercise and relief. Most of all, at its core, memorials remind us of the one whose presence we miss and the God who holds them as faithfully in eternal life as in their time walking among us.

Those bricks won’t last an eternity. Like our lives, the earth, and even the universe, the physical realm has its finite limitations. But God’s faithful love endures forever. For that, we can be eternally grateful.

In remembrance,

Be well,

Pastor Cheryl

Let us encourage one another. Let us love our neighbor. Let us be the church.

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