Abundant Life for All

Good Day Family,

I invite you to reflect on the words of this Living Psalm:

The ancient Psalmist delights in the HOLY:

Optimism leads in Psalm 112 –

a joyful present knowing God’s presence,

evidence all around for

justice and power and mercy – even riches–

in the midst of unspecified “Bad News”.

The wicked are out there, unidentified avatars of evil,

routed by the faithful lovers of God.

How joyful the ancient Psalmist,

focused on the HOLY

and seeing results of their good works.

The modern-day Prayer-of-Psalms struggles,

doubting easy optimism in the presence of “news-cycles”

–bad news, suspect news,

news “spun” into self-sustaining untruths–

and the wicked are emboldened shapeshifters

that exhaust the faithful and rout them in confusion.

How cynical the modern-day Prayer-of-Psalms

weary doubting, and longing for a HOLY glimpse.

O God, that is all we need, that HOLY glimpse,

a spark in the shadow of confusion,

a beacon to lead beyond optimism

into the depths of hope.

Day to day hope, open-ended,

not depending on seeing results,

but finding strength in each moment:

mercy and justice leading to peace;

experience and wisdom leading to inclusion.

O Holy One, let fear be routed and love prevail

in your joyful strategy: abundant life for all.

Living Psalm 112 for Pentecost 12C was written by Rev. Susan A. Blain of Hartford, CT.

Living life abundantly,

Be well,

Pastor Cheryl

Let us encourage one another. Let us love our neighbor. Let us be the church.

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