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11.13.2020 Pastor's Note | God's Faithful Love

Fill us full every morning

with your faithful love

so we can rejoice and celebrate

our whole life long.

(Psalm 90:14)

Good Day Family,

God’s Faithful Love

God’s love is faithful. We can think about the course of human history and be amazed that despite our shortcomings and failings, God continues to love us. We can consider our own faults and be grateful that’s God’s love never recedes even when we turn from God and God’s way.

It's easy, after all, to say that we love God and trust and believe in God, but to follow God is a much harder road. It is a challenge and a chore at times to do the Jesus thing, to listen to the Holy Spirit, and follow the Lord’s commandments. When the world around us seems to have an anything goes mentality when it comes to behavior, we can seem to be the oddball who is following what some may consider antiquated and out of touch with reality.

But God is faithful, in season and out of season. God is faithful yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God is faithful through our trials and tribulations as well as our victories and celebrations.

God is faithful even through this pandemic, dawning racial awareness, and electoral division. So, our prayer may be like that of the psalmist who asks God to fill us with faithful love each day. This wasn’t a request for a one-and-done blessing. No, the writer of Psalm 90 knew that our faithfulness requires a regular refreshing. We need a new boost each day like that morning cup of tea or coffee to start off right…and stay right as faithful servants of God. The good news is that even when we fall short, we are also greeted each day with new mercies as the Prophet Jeremiah reminds us.

So let us begin our prayer each day in this way, making the words of the psalmist our own: Fill us, Oh God with Your faithful love so that we can rejoice and celebrate our whole life long. Amen.

Be well,

Pastor Cheryl

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