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09.25.2020 Pastor's Note | Unveiled Faces

All of us are looking with unveiled faces at the glory of the Lord as if we were looking in a mirror. We are being transformed into that same image from one degree of glory to the next degree of glory. This comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

Good Day Family,

Unveiled Faces

There was a time when it was common for people to wear veils. There are some cultures and religious traditions that maintain that practice as an expression of modesty and faithfulness. But we have become largely accustomed to seeing one another with unveiled faced.

Enter COVID-19. Suddenly, our faces are partially covered. We need eye contact to see a hint of expression. I wonder if I am the only one smiling extra hard behind my mask when I encounter someone in the hopes that they can see the crinkles at the corner of my eyes to tell that I am smiling. (I imagine I might be the only one actively creating crinkles!)

It is a reminder of how dependent we are on external expression to reveal internal disposition. In Paul’s second letter to the church at Corinth, he was talking about more than a face covering. He’s talking about a spirit covering. The veil he is most concerned with is the one that creates a barrier between the people and God. That veil that split in two when Christ died on the cross. That veil that served as a reminder that the people needed an intercessor—someone to go before God on behalf of the community. In the larger passages in which this verse is found, he mentions Moses who wore a veil after his encounters with YHWH because his face would glow so brilliantly from the glory of God touching him.

What if we pursued that glow? What if we radiated the glory of God so brilliantly that it would overwhelm those we encounter? Of course, we do. When we minister to those in need in our community…and when we work toward God’s justice, peace, and Kin-dom come in the world, we glow. When we love one another and extend grace to one another, we radiate the love of Christ. And we do this, whether our faces are veiled or not.

Congregational Update

Over the next few weeks, we will transition to our next phase of Staying Connected. Our parking lot meetups have demonstrated how small groups can gather safely, but we live in Northeast Ohio so we will begin to move small groups (for short periods of time) inside:

  • Crafting will begin on Thursdays at 10 am on October 1. They will meet physically distanced in the fellowship hall with each crafter at a separate table.

  • We will institute a brief prayer service on Thursdays at 11:15 am on October 8. We will gather in the sanctuary, physically distant, for prayer.

Both of these activities will gather on a weekly basis. Masks are required, and hand sanitizer will be available. Our custodian, Lynna, will sanitize those spaces between meetings. Come to one or both gatherings!

During October, our worship theme will be “Questions?” To that end, I invite you to submit any faith questions you may have to me for this pastor’s note as well as a weekly video that I do on my YouTube Channel (Pastor Cheryl Lindsay).

Finally, the Fall Pastor’s Bible Study will begin the week of October 11. Our study will focus on Sacred Music. Typically, we have gathered on Tuesday evenings but I wonder if there would be interest in a Wednesday afternoon instead. Let me know.

Be well,

Pastor Cheryl

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