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02.26.2021 Pastor's Note | Convinced

He was fully convinced that God was able to do what he promised. Therefore, it was credited to him as righteousness. (Romans 4:21-22)

Good Day Family,


Sometimes, we make the faith life more complicated than it really is. We think it has to take a certain form or shape, and when we don’t meet these self-imposed standards, we’re convinced that we’ve failed. Or, that God or someone else is failing us. Yet, the biblical witness demonstrates over and over that God specializes in the unexpected. God uses the miraculous as well as the calamitous to move in the lives of God’s people. We grow through pruning, challenges, and tests. An easy life results in an easy faith, and that faith doesn’t weather storms, adversity, or pandemics.

Look at Abraham and Sarah. They help us to see how life can disappoint for seasons, years, and even decades before the promises of God manifested in their lives. Then, after that promise literally came to life, God asked Abraham to sacrifice the gift. Abraham trusted God, as the Apostle Paul points out. That trust came with seems like surprising ease…in this instance. There were other times in his life when Abraham tried to control his circumstances and rely upon himself rather than putting his trust in the Lord. Those times brought trouble and disaster that God had to make right for Abraham. We could look at those instances at failings on Abraham’s part, or we can consider that training. Those experiences demonstrated the power of God and the abiding presence of God in his life. His trust was built over time and reached its pinnacle by putting it into practice under the most trying of circumstances.

That’s righteousness. Not being perfect or pious. Not particular practices. Living a life with God and growing from it. And, in the process, becoming convinced that God can and will do just what God has promised. To God be the glory! Be convinced.


Be well,

Pastor Cheryl

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