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Our Strength

1 God is our refuge and strength,

a help always near

in times of great trouble.

2 That’s why we won’t be afraid

when the world falls apart,

when the mountains crumble into the

center of the sea,

3 when its waters roar and rage,

when the mountains shake

because of its surging waves

(Psalm 46:1–3)

Our Strength

Good Day Family,

We live in a world that values strength. To be called strong in the face of trying times is a high compliment. Being strong reflects adaptability, resilience, fortitude, and dedication. It’s not easy to be strong when we’re tested. Sometimes, in our effort to appear strong, we ignore or conceal our weaknesses.

But that’s not real strength. Ultimately, being vulnerable and honest about our weaknesses helps us to become stronger.

Our ultimate strength comes from God. When and where we are weak, God shows up in us to be our strength. God gives us the ability to stand when we want to crumble. God keeps us moving when we feel stuck and mired. God is able to make ways in the wilderness and to make crooked ways straight.

What a mighty God we serve! When we trust in God, we place all our shortcomings, our deficiencies, and our weaknesses in God’s hands. We realize that our lives are part of God’s plan, and we’re not completely in control.

We rely on God to respond to our prayers, our cares, and our concerns. God provides for our needs and even gives us the desires of our heart. We don’t have that kind of strength in and of ourselves. But, we have a God who has strength beyond strength.

Reaching for God’s Strength,

Be Well,

Pastor Cheryl

Let us encourage one another. Let us love our neighbor. Let us be the church.

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